Pierce Morgan and Horrible Journalism

July 24, 2012

Pierce Morgan and Horrible Journalism

I saw this “discussion” last night on CNN.  I understand Mr. Morgan is from a different country with much different laws, but this was quite embarrassing on his part.  At least let the discussion occur before you decide to rip into it with your opinion or present some facts other than repeating over and over “100 rounds of ammunition a minute!”  While Mr. Morgan may have a point to make it gets drown out in him blatantly falling back on strawman arguments and shouting over, cutting off, and simply disrespecting someone he’s invited as a guest.  Not to mention the second guest slinging wild accusations about the NRA (which were untrue) and simply dismissing studies as “no no they’re false use common sense”.  This is not the 1800’s, this call to common sense in lieu of studies that exist simply because you don’t like the results is the height of anti-intellectualism.

Many people have strong feelings on this topic, but this “interview” was terrible.  It’s a display in bullying a “guest”.  At least let the opposing view speak, otherwise it’s nothing but an editorial present by Mr. Morgan to promote his own views.