This blog is utilized to bring light to current events in the American political arena by highlighting information and data in a manner which tries to look past rhetoric to actual events.  It will focus on how best to display information in a useful manner to make sense of the what is actually going on in the political world.

Recently it’s become clearer and clearer thanks to everyday news coverage that politicians will say buzzwords and project themselves as always doing good and acting positively.  This isn’t to say that from time to time they don’t, but that they never will call themselves on a mistake as it’s political suicide.  As part of that understanding this blog aims at digging into the truth while placing as little blame as necessary on the people involved.  Politicians are people too, even if we disagree with them and mistakes happen.  Their jobs necessitate an environment where they cannot be open, as such we aim to provide an open look at the real dealings of the world.

I appreciate your support and keep in mind that while politics is often a heated debate, due to the topics discussed and their impacts on everyday  lives, that there are many ways to solve a problem even if you disagree with some of them.



– J


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